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Local Counsel

Local Counsel

Firms and attorneys in the Philadelphia region, throughout Pennsylvania, and across the country, have called upon the Gross McGinley litigation team’s extensive experience and knowledge of the county, state, and federal local court systems. As local counsel, we provide a range of services to attorneys from outside the region including basic knowledge of local court procedures, substantive research on legal issues, and local office space and facilities in addition to more extensive assistance before and at trial.


Our attorney’s knowledge of local practice and counsel in Lehigh and Northampton Counties provides outside counsel with guidance through local rules of civil procedure and the nuances thereof. Gross McGinley’s fully staffed litigation department of paralegals and legal administrative staff are able to assist with trial preparation alongside our attorneys.

We also have experience before judges throughout the northern tier of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania including but not limited to District Court Judges including Chief Judge Laurence F. Stengel, Jeffrey L. Schmehl, Edward G. Smith, Joseph F. Leeson, Jr., and Magistrate Judge Henry S. Perkin.

Our attorneys also have extensive experience appearing before local judges of the Court of Common Pleas including:

Lehigh County

  • President Judge Edward D. Reibman
  • Judge Carol K. McGinley
  • Judge Robert L. Steinberg
  • Judge J. Brian Johnson
  • Judge Kelly L. Banach
  • Judge James T. Anthony
  • Judge Maria L. Dantos
  • Judge Michele A. Varricchio
  • Judge Douglas G. Reichley
  • Judge Daniel K. McCarthy

Northampton County

  • President Judge Stephen G. Baratta
  • Judge F.P. Kimberly McFadden
  • Judge Edward G. Smith
  • Judge Emil Giordano
  • Judge Paula A. Roscioli
  • Judge Anthony S. Beltrami
  • Judge Leonard Zito
  • Judge Michael J. Koury, Jr.
  • Judge Craig A. Dally
  • Judge Jennifer R. Sletvold
  • Judge Samuel P. Murray

Several of our litigators have served in federal clerkships including Samuel E. Cohen for The Honorable Ronald L. Buchwalter of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and Ryan L. Stauffer for The Honorable John E. Jones, III of the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Others have held clerkships at the state level as well.


Gross McGinley maintains offices within close proximity to federal courthouses in both Lehigh and Northampton County. The firm’s main office in Allentown is located just two blocks away from the Lehigh County Courthouse and the firm’s Easton office located half a mile from the Northampton County Courthouse. These convenient locations offer out-of-town attorneys space to prepare for local trial with the assistance of our litigation team.

Representative Matters

  • Samuel E. Cohen and Constance K. Nelson served as local counsel for Dalmatia Import Group and their lead counsel at Handel Food Law and McDermott Will & Emery LLP in Dalmatia Import Group, Inc. v. FoodMatch Inc. et al., assisting with discovery, motion practice, trial preparation and jury selection. The case resulted in Dalmatia successfully securing a landmark jury verdict that should result in a judgment of $5.2 million as well as attorneys' fees and a permanent injunction. It is also the first verdict to be decided under the Defend Trade Secrets Act (2016).
  • Attorneys John F. Gross, Malcolm J. Gross, and Samuel E. Cohen served as local counsel to California Intellectual Property counsel in representing a regional business client who was defending against unsubstantiated claims of trade secret misappropriation. The parties ultimately reached a favorable settlement after California counsel, with the assistance of Gross McGinley, prevailed on a Motion to Dismiss Plaintiff’s claims founded in contract and fraud.
  • Attorneys Patrick J. Reilly and Graig M. Schultz served as local counsel to a California business client who was defending against unsubstantiated breach of contract claims in Lehigh County. The lawsuit also included claims by Gross McGinley’s client against a Delaware corporation, a Massachusetts corporation, an Italian public company, a Japanese Kabushiki Kaisha corporation, and a Chinese foreign-invested enterprise for breach of warranty and breach of contract. The parties ultimately reached a favorable resolution of all claims.

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