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Constance Nelson Named Divorce Master

March 28, 2019 | Category: News | Tags: ,

Northampton County has named Attorney Constance Nelson to Master in Divorce. In Pennsylvania, divorce masters help to alleviate the burden on the court by attempting to settle routine matters before they reach a judge. In this new role, Connie will conduct settlement conferences and hearings in family law matters. Specifically, she will handle disputes that arise in Northampton County involving equitable distribution, alimony, counsel fees, etc. To be considered for a divorce master position, an attorney must be experienced and well-versed in family law matters with the skills and abilities to maintain effective working relationships with judges and court officials. Connie is a well-respected attorney in the Northampton County legal community and will serve as an asset to the Court as a divorce master.

In her legal practice, she represents individuals and businesses in litigation matters, counseling families in divorce and family law matters as well as criminal matters. She will continue to represent private clients in divorce matters and any conflicts that arise will be handled accordingly. Connie is a recognized leader in the community, serving as President of the Board of Directors for North Penn Legal Services. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Third Street Alliance for Women and Children and the Bar Association of Lehigh County.

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