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Gross McGinley Improves Attorney Mentoring Program

January 24, 2017 | Category: Firm News

For many years, Gross McGinley has recognized the value of having senior attorneys mentor younger professionals within the firm. At the beginning of 2017, we re-launched our mentorship program, making important adjustments to ensure its continued value for our attorneys.

The Attorney-to-Attorney mentoring relationship involves the guidance of newer associate attorneys by experienced, knowledgeable, and seasoned attorneys within the firm. The goal of the relationship is to guide our newer attorneys in the practice of law as well as learning and respecting firm culture. While the theory and application of law is learned during law school, the practice of law occurs in the workplace. Gross McGinley’s mentorship program encourages associate attorneys to seek counsel and guidance that will benefit their professional future with the firm as well as their community. Mentors have a focused interest in the success of our associate attorneys and share best practices, firm values, and constructive analysis.

Mentoring meetings occur regularly throughout the year and are led by the interests and needs of mentees. Our mentors are prepared to provide guidance on a wide variety of issues including time management, firm policies, practice development, community involvement, and more. We are extremely proud to have professionals within our firm who feel passionate about educating and guiding the next generation of our firm.

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