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Gross McGinley Supports 2014 Organic Pioneer Awards Presented by Rodale Institute

September 16, 2014 | Category: Events | Tags:

Each year, Gross McGinley looks forward to supporting the Rodale Institute’s annual Organic Pioneer Awards event hosted at their farm in Kutztown, Pennsylvania on September 13th.  Organic pioneers since 1947, Rodale Institute takes the opportunity to honor individuals who led the way in establishing the organic movement.  Each year the organization welcomes over 200 leaders in organic practices throughout the county.  The 2014 event featured cocktails in the organic gardens, a champagne wagon train with a tour of the farm, and a true farm-to-table dinner, fresh from the fields.

Rodale Institute is constantly researching new best practices in organic farming, sharing their findings with other farmers and scientists worldwide.  Their programs help support organic farmers and educate consumers on the benefits of organically-grown products.

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