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Howard Stevens and Associates Join Firm with Name Change to “Gross McGinley, LLP”

June 19, 2008 | Category: Firm News

The law firm of Gross, McGinley, LaBarre & Eaton is pleased to announce that Howard Stevens and his associates will be joining its staff. At the same time, the firm’s name will be changing to “Gross McGinley, LLP.” These changes, as well as a new firm logo, will become official on July 1st, 2008.

Formerly a partner in the Allentown-based law firm of Stevens & Johnson, Howard Stevens brings more than 20 years of legal experience to his new position with Gross McGinley. His specialties include medical malpractice defense, civil litigation, trials, and criminal law.

“In addition to a full array of well-established practice groups, Gross McGinley has long had a great reputation in our community for its very strong litigation group,” says Malcolm Gross, one of Gross McGinley’s founding partners. “With the addition of Howard Stevens and his colleagues we have dramatically increased that reputation, adding tough litigators with tremendous abilities in the courtroom. We also have a new name that takes into account the modern era of shorter firm titles, making it easier for our clients to communicate with us and for the public to recognize us. All partners, however, including Don LaBarre and Jackson Eaton, will continue to be part of our team as before.”

“Since the passing of my father, Richard F. Stevens, I have been looking for a union that would continue the illustrious litigation history of Stevens & Johnson,” adds Howard Stevens. “In Gross McGinley, I have found the perfect fit, both for their excellent reputation and their legal abilities.”


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