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Zachary Fowler Successfully Defends Landowner in PA Superior Court

April 10, 2017 | Category: Attorney News | Tags:

Attorney Zachary R. Fowler successfully briefed and argued before the Pennsylvania Superior Court in a case involving an individual who fell down a staircase and allegedly suffered traumatic brain injuries. Zach represented the defendant landowner and got the case dismissed at the trial court level because the landowner was out-of-possession  and had no knowledge of any alleged defect concerning the staircase. On appeal, plaintiff argued that the landowner had reserved control over a portion of the premises and violated the scope of the township’s certificate of occupancy.  The Superior Court disagreed, adopted Zach’s arguments, and affirmed judgment in the landowner’s favor. Prior to the dismissal of plaintiff’s lawsuit, plaintiff demanded $375,000.00.

Zach is a member of Gross McGinley’s Litigation Group, representing businesses in a variety of matters including general business litigation, employment, contract disputes, insurance defense, and more.

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