May 13th, 2024

What is the State Drug Treatment Program and How Can It Help Me or a Loved One?

What is the State Drug Treatment Program?

The State Drug Treatment Program (SDTP) is a 2-year program for people with state prison sentences for drug or alcohol-related offenses.  The program is tailored to the needs of each participant.  Every person is different and has different challenges related to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  The SDTP is designed to treat the needs of each person to help them adjust successfully to life outside state prison.

Am I Eligible for the State Drug Treatment Program? 

The SDTP is available for “eligible” persons with (1) a minimum term of 2 years and a maximum term of 5 years or (2) a minimum term of 5 years or less and within 2 years of completing the minimum term.  The person must be convicted of a drug or alcohol-related offense and have the approval of the Judge and the prosecuting attorney.  In addition, the person must have a legitimate need for treatment and a commitment to addressing their alcohol or substance disorder.  Finally, the person cannot have a “disqualifying” conviction for sex offender registration, murder, drug trafficking, or conspiracy to commit these offenses.

What are the Benefits of the State Drug Treatment Program?

There are multiple benefits to the SDTP.  First, if you complete the SDTP, the prison sentence that made you eligible will be over.  For example, a person serving a sentence of 5 to 10 years will be deemed to have completed their sentence without further penalty.  Expulsion from the program will result in your sentence going back to its original term.  However, you would still be parole-eligible at your minimum term and would not forfeit credit for time served while in the program. 

Equally important, you will receive individual treatment for your alcohol or substance abuse issues educational opportunities, and employment training.  Housing and other concerns may also be addressed.  The SDTP is designed to help you successfully rejoin society after you are released from prison.   

How can a Lawyer Help Me with the State Drug Treatment Program?

Admission into the SDTP can be complicated.  Your admission requires the approval of your sentencing judge and the prosecuting attorney and final approval from the Department of Corrections.  Your sentence must be in the proper range and you cannot have “disqualifying” convictions.  A knowledgeable attorney can help you navigate these complexities and determine if the SDTP fits you.  An experienced attorney can also negotiate with the prosecutor and advocate with the judge for your admission into the program.  

For the right person, the SDTP can provide a second chance for a successful life.  A knowledgeable attorney can help you gain admission into this potentially life-changing program.  At Gross McGinley, our criminal defense attorneys are experienced and skilled at helping motivated people make informed decisions about the SDTP and gain admission into the program.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office today to schedule your consultation. 


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