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Estate Planning

Many people think estate planning’s reserved for the wealthy. But the term “estate” refers to the sum of your assets (like a home, finances, property, vehicle, and legal rights). Just about everyone has an estate, and while thinking about end of life planning when you’re young or middle aged isn’t something most people like to do, it just makes sense. In fact, not planning your estate can cause major headaches and complications for your family.

Our estate attorneys offer various services associated with estate planning.

Elder Law

As we age, we may encounter life issues with which we need help — like moving into assisted living or managing finances. Our elder law attorneys will make sure that you’ve got the essential legal documents in place to care for older adults now — and at the end of their life. 

Estate Administration

Estate planning focuses on protecting your loved ones — and protecting them from excess taxes. When it’s time to administer your plan, we’re here to help take care of your loved ones and your legacy. 


When you or someone you love needs protection and help caring for their physical or financial issues, a guardianship provides legal support.

Incapacitated Persons

Prepare for the unexpected and the unfortunate. Incapacity can be temporary or permanent. Our estate attorneys can help you plan for both possibilities. 

Succession Planning

An important part of operating a business, succession planning helps owners transition more smoothly, minimizes negative effects if they retire or die, gives successors more time to prepare, and helps to create clear communication among all stakeholders. 

Wills, Trusts, POAs

All estate plans should include a will, power of attorney, and — in some cases — a trust. These documents provide many protections as you plan for you and your family’s future. 

Trusts and Estates Litigation

The experienced and determined litigators of Gross McGinley are focused on getting results in Trusts and Estates disputes.

Estates Solutions

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