May 2nd, 2021

Nicholas Sandercock Shares Contract Law Insights on WDIY

On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, Attorney Nicholas Sandercock joined Valley National Financial Advisors’ Laurie Siebert on WDIY 88.1 “Your Financial Choices.” The two discussed contract law, how individuals and businesses can better understand how contracts work, and binding agreements. 

A basic contract contains three elements – offer, consideration and acceptance. Contracts are everywhere – in marriage, business, employment, and more. They can be verbal, written, sometimes hidden, and may not always be binding or enforceable. What are some things you should consider before you agree to a future contract? 

Understanding the terms of a contract – whether hiring a contractor, starting a business, buying a property or even planning a wedding – and what it means to you from either side can be critical. Having an attorney review your situation may reveal terms to negotiate and remedies to explore, hopefully before, but also after entering into a contract.

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