June 21st, 2024

Gross McGinley, LLP to Undergo Renovation Project

May 9, 2024, Allentown, PA

Gross McGinley, LLP, a staple law firm in Center City Allentown since 1976, is set to begin a major renovation to its building’s façade, modernizing the look to fit into downtown’s newly revived landscape. Internally, a new conference center is being designed to improve client service. Located at 33 South Seventh Street, where the firm has resided since 1986, Gross McGinley regularly looks to provide its clients and community with the utmost in service, and this investment in its future will allow the firm to continue to serve the Lehigh Valley and beyond for many years to come.

 Scheduled to begin in Spring 2024, the planned renovations aim to modernize the aesthetics of the building’s façade in keeping with the trends of Center City Allentown over the last several years. The renovations will also include a major upgrade to the firm’s conference rooms offering the latest in technology and design prioritizing the continued top-quality service its clients have come to expect. Upgrades will also be made to the elevator system and windows focusing on safety and efficiency.

Paul McGinley, one of Gross McGinley’s Founding Partners, shares his insights, “Gross McGinley recognizes the rapid changes in law and the evolving needs of clients.  We continually adapt at an accelerated pace to successfully manage the multiple demands of clients simultaneously.”

“Gross McGinley is evolving with its clients and employees, enhancing its capabilities to communicate virtually 24/7,” adds Jack Gross, Gross McGinley’s Managing Partner.

Managing Director Deb Faulkinberry stated, “Gross McGinley’s renovation project reinforces our commitment to Allentown, and with the current progressive leadership, the firm is poised for growth and future success.”

In recent years the NIZ projects in Center City Allentown have made the area a thriving metropolitan center within which Gross McGinley is proud to be located. The NIZ has done great things for local businesses and residents. In keeping up with the trends and style of the area in which Gross McGinley operates, this privately funded project will propel the firm into the future allowing Gross McGinley to provide superior support and service to its clients and the Lehigh Valley community.

Throughout the four-month planned renovation, Gross McGinley will remain open and operating in its Allentown location in addition to its other offices located in Easton and Stroudsburg, PA. There are no plans or expectations of the upcoming work to cause any interruption in services to its clients, community, and employees.

For more information about Gross McGinley’s upcoming renovation project, please contact Daniel F. Korner, Marketing Manager, at dkorner@grossmcginley.com.

About Gross McGinley, LLP: Gross McGinley, LLP, is a prominent full-service law firm dedicated to providing comprehensive legal solutions to individuals and businesses. With a commitment to excellence, community engagement, and client satisfaction, the firm has established a strong reputation across various practice areas.


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