February 7th, 2018

Kellie Rahl-Heffner Appointed Committee Member for Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living

Kellie L. Rahl-Heffner was appointed to the Development Committee for the Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living. As a committee member, Kellie will assist in the planning of events, sponsorships, grants, and other development activities.

The Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living serves the disability community throughout Lehigh and Northampton Counties, assisting individuals in achieving independence and inclusivity in their communities. The organization provides numerous programs, from advocacy and peer support groups to employment opportunities and independent living skills.

Kellie is an active member of the community, having served in various leadership roles with organizations that provide family and children’s services to the Lehigh Valley. In her legal practice, Kellie counsels families in the areas of divorce, child custody, alimony, adoptions, and protections from abuse (PFAs).

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