June 15th, 2016

Michael J. Blum Successfully Completes First Triathlon

Our attorneys work hard both in the courtroom and out. One of our own, Attorney Michael J. Blum, recently traveled to the end of Long Island and completed his first triathlon, competing in the RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon on Saturday, June 11. The course consisted of a one-mile swim in the freezing cold waters of Lake Montauk, a 22-mile bike ride over rolling hills, and a 6.2-mile scenic yet challenging run, all of which had to be completed in three hours and 55 minutes.

Michael loves a physical challenge and decided to participate because it has always been his goal to compete in a triathlon, and this particular race supported the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, a charity near to his heart. He trained for four months, swimming laps, biking the Ironton Rail Trail, and running to prepare for this event. His regimented training paid off! He finished the course in three hours and five minutes, despite losing 20 minutes by biking for 9-10 miles with a flat tire.  He plans to return next year to complete the course, hopefully without technical difficulty.

Founded by the late Robert J. Aaron, the race takes place around the hamlet of Montauk in New York. The event raises money for a variety of charities in the Montauk area including Lustgarten Foundation, Phoenix House, and Montauk Ambulance Squad.

Congratulations to Michael on this amazing feat of endurance and his drive to complete the event despite unforeseen obstacles!


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