September 14th, 2022

Wait! You mean I can finally get that marijuana charge off my record?

For a limited time only, Pennsylvania is offering a large-scale expedited pardon process for individuals who are charged with certain marijuana offenses through the PA Marijuana Pardon Project.  You are eligible if you have one or both of the following convictions in Pennsylvania:

  • Possession of Marijuana (Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31)  
  • Marijuana, Small Amount Personal Use (Title 35 Section 780-113 Subsection A31i)

The Board of Pardons will only accept applications from September 1 to September 30, 2022.  So please – contact the criminal defense team at Gross McGinley today to assist to allow your application to be submitted in a timely manner.  Once submitted, the Board of Pardons will contact you if a follow-up is needed on your application.  On October 13th the Board of Pardons will decide whether you are entitled to a public hearing on your application.  That hearing will then be scheduled to occur between December 13th through the 16th and the Board will vote on your application – you do not need to even appear for this hearing.  If approved – your application is then sent to the Governor for final approval.  If the governor grants your pardon, you will receive the following official documentation in the mail:  (1) a Letter signed by the secretary of the Board of Pardons, and (2) a Charter of the pardon with the official Commonwealth seal, signed by the governor and secretary of the Commonwealth.  The best part is – there are absolutely no filing fees associated with the program and you can potentially start the new year truly with a clean slate!

Please note – if you have any other convictions on your record – you are not eligible under this program.  However, you could be eligible for a clean record through other programs offered by the state – the criminal defense team at Gross McGinley would be happy to provide a consultation to assess what options you have.

Attorney Sarah Hart Charette is the lead attorney of the Criminal Defense practice at Gross McGinley and has successfully served and assisted her clients in navigating Pennsylvania drug possession laws as well as other criminal defense matters.

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