June 23rd, 2017

Loren Speziale and Zachary Fowler Present on FLSA Changes and Trends

From overtime rule changes to employee misclassification, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has been and will continue to be in the spotlight. Last month, employment attorneys Loren Speziale and Zachary Fowler presented a one-hour CLE presentation to the Bar Association of Lehigh County on this topic. The two attorneys delved into current FLSA trends including employee classification, joint employment, wage claims, illegal immigrant rights, and more. Discussion included an overview of the law, liability exposures for employers and the expected level of enforcement under the new administration.

The FLSA is the federal law that sets minimum wage, overtime, record-keeping and youth employment standards. It is enforced by the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor. Currently more than 130 million workers in more than 7 million workplaces are covered by the FLSA. While the FLSA establishes certain requirements for employers, it also does not require certain benefits that have become standard including vacation, holiday, and sick pay; premium pay for weekend/holiday work; and pay raises. However, the FLSA’s requirements do include important requirements that employers need to know. Loren reviewed these items during the discussion and Zach followed-up with details on how the law is enforced and the types of damages that can be rendered if a case is brought to court.

Loren L. Speziale regularly counsels small to mid-sized businesses on corporate and employment matters including business formation, contracts, handbooks and policies, and commercial real estate. She represents private and public corporations as well as privately held businesses in a variety of industries including banking, professional services, media, and real estate.

Zachary R. Fowler provides commercial litigation support to businesses in matters concerning employment discrimination and contract disputes. He has worked with small businesses and large corporations in a variety of industries including construction, health and medical services, hospitality, and digital media.

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