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Updating Your Name

Your name’s an important part of your identity. Whether you don’t like your current name, choose to change it after divorce, marriage, or for religious reasons, or want your name to reflect your true gender, many good reasons exist to make the change legal.

Pennsylvania law doesn’t need a reason for a name change — and as long as you’ve met the statutory requirements, the court will order the change.

While you can complete the process on your own, an experienced attorney can explain the steps and help with the process. Our attorneys will review the documents before you file with the court.

Minor Name Changes

When a minor wants to change their name, a parent, guardian, or conservator must submit the request. If one parent has requested the change, they must tell the other parent officially. Our family law attorneys can help you to navigate the process.

Why Choose Us?

While a name change isn’t as complicated as other legal processes, it never hurts to have guidance. Our attorneys will protect your interests, verify document accuracy, file your documents, and — if necessary — represent you or your child in court.

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