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Medical Malpractice Defense

Medical Malpractice Defense

Gross McGinley’s Medical Malpractice Defense Group represents health care providers in patient care matters. Our team of experienced attorneys, devoted paralegals, and numerous support staff review all relevant medical records, work with expert witnesses, and devise optimal legal solutions for hospital clients in medical negligence claims and professional liability matters.

Gross McGinley’s medical malpractice defense attorneys regularly work with risk management teams to investigate claims and handle complex matters of law and medicine. We also provide risk avoidance counseling including medical staff training on proper record keeping that could help prevent future litigation.

Our attorneys remain informed of the latest trends in the medical malpractice arena and are able to defend all types of health care providers including:

  • Hospitals and large health networks
  • Physicians
  • Laboratories
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Group Homes
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Hospice Providers
  • Oral Surgeons and Dentists

Gross McGinley employs skilled litigators, recognized for their successes in the legal community as well as their abilities to negotiate favorable settlements.

Representative medical malpractice defense matters include:

  • Defended large regional hospital in major lawsuit brought by patient claiming the anesthesia team was negligent in allowing him to suffer a nerve injury during an amputation surgery. Our attorneys constructed a meticulous argument that the injury complained of can, and did, occur in the absence of any negligence on the part of any health care provider.
  • Defended a major Lehigh County hospital in suit brought by Brooklyn, NY resident alleging he received negligent treatment in the hospital’s emergency room following a motor vehicle accident. Our attorneys established that proper procedure was neglected when suit was brought in plaintiff’s home jurisdiction instead of in Lehigh County. The complaint was dismissed in its entirety.
  • Achieved dismissal on behalf of a regional hospital of a patient claim of negligent abdominal surgery causing the patient to undergo two separate surgeries and a long painful rehabilitation. The evidence bore out that all of the resident physicians and hospital caregivers employed by the client rendered appropriate care. As a result, the plaintiff dismissed the hospital from the case in its entirety.
  • Obtained full dismissal on behalf of hospital client before a malpractice claim went to trial. Patient went into cardiac and respiratory distress after a knee operation. Opposing party alleged that the orthopedic surgeon did not properly clear the patient for surgery and that the anesthesia team did not properly monitor the patient. Our litigators proved that there was no evidence implicating negligent conduct on the part of the hospital.

Our Medical Malpractice Defense staff:

Jessica Amill, Pa.C.P. | Allentown


Kathleen Flewelling, Pa.C.P. | Allentown


Nicole Medei, Pa.C.P. | Allentown


Allison L. Green, Pa.C.P. | Allentown


Caroline J. Kieffer, Pa.C.P. | Allentown

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