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A more cost-effective, less-stressful solution than litigation
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We Can Help Resolve Disputes Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Few people enjoy litigation or want to go to court. Let’s face it — it’s hard to put a price on litigation’s financial and mental costs. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can provide a more viable solution.

Sometimes, it pays to explore mediation and arbitration. Our clients benefit from ADR in multiple ways that include:

  • Saving finances: Litigation includes fees to cover attorneys, expert witnesses, courtroom A/V technicians, support staff, and more. Plus a trial may require you to spend time away from your business — and you’ll also need to spend time preparing for the trial.
  • Saving relationships: Litigation often destroys relationships, especially when emotions run high; mediation, however, can preserve them.
  • Preserving mental health: Trials often require people to share incredibly sensitive, personal information about their lives, relationships, finances, and more. ADR still requires that you share this information, but not to a 12-person jury or room potentially packed with strangers.
  • Achieving finality: Binding arbitration offers the best option for confidentiality and finality. Our arbitrators guide disputing parties through the private process, and a trained individual considers all discovery and evidence before making a final, confidential decision.

Because litigation can take several years, individuals involved in civil suits and worried about court dockets and costs may elect to work with one of our knowledgeable mediators/ arbitrators. Our team takes pride in strategizing creative, innovative resolutions for legal disputes.

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