April 5th, 2023

Attorney Jason Ulrich Succeeds in PA Gaming License Transfer

February 22, 2023 – Attorney Jason A. Ulrich, partner at Gross McGinley, LLP in Allentown, PA received approval for a VGT License transfer within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. All previous license transfer attempts in the state had failed.

What is a VGT License?

VGT is short for a Video Gaming Terminal which operates similarly to slot machines in which each play is random of the previous play. VGT machines only accept cash, and winnings are paid through a redemption machine.

VGT Machines can only be located in truck stops in the state of Pennsylvania. Since 2017, truck stops throughout the state had been able to apply for and receive VGT gaming licenses through the PA State Gaming Control Board.

This legal victory for Attorney Ulrich is the first time in Pennsylvania that a license has been permitted to be transferred from one company to another allowing a new VGT lounge to be set up at a truck stop using a transferred license. Attorney Ulrich has set a new precedent in PA gaming, opening the doors for other such transactions to potentially take place.

Attorney Jason A. Ulrich is a skilled and experienced lawyer and Partner practicing at Gross McGinley, LLP in Municipal, Liquor Control Board, and other Business matters and serves as Solicitor to a number of municipalities through the Lehigh Valley.

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