April 21st, 2023

Attorney Spotlight: Adrian K. Cousens Loves a Good Challenge

Attorney Adrian K. Cousens is a seasoned attorney and partner at Gross McGinley. Serving as Co-Chair for the firm’s litigation group, Adrian is inspired by the ever-present challenge that litigation offers. Not surprisingly, as a US Air Force veteran, Adrian is no stranger to a good challenge, and he carries those experiences into his daily practice. A resident of Easton, PA, Adrian began his legal career practicing law in NJ. Over the course of 15 years, Adrian had been drawn more and more into the Lehigh Valley where he joined Gross McGinley of Allentown in 2016, nearly 7 years ago. He says the community connection and reputation throughout the valley attracted him to the firm. Adrian enjoys the strong partner group and the team at Gross McGinley and serves his own passions through his volunteering including serving on the Forks, PA Zoning and Hearing Board, and Business Association Board, as well as the Easton, PA Chamber of Commerce, and on the board of directors of Community Bike Works in Allentown, PA.

When asked what he enjoys most about being an attorney, Adrian will tell you it’s the battle and the challenge of going to trial and laying it all on the line. He defines success as being able to provide the best possible outcome for his clients. One lesson he has learned through practice that school couldn’t teach is the ability to manage client expectations. He notes it is important to be open and honest when serving client needs. If he were to give a piece of advice to a budding law student, he would tell them, to find the area of law that best suits them. Understand your capabilities and play to your strengths. Whether it be going to trial and fighting on your client’s behalf or providing other important legal services to aid in client needs.

An ardent traveler, Adrian spends his time away from practicing law with his wife and family. Whether it be here, in Easton, exploring and tasting the many flavors of the downtown restaurant scene, or at his second home in Panama where he enjoys time away in his own personal paradise. Adrian has a passion for his practice and even more so for the challenge that it brings.

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