October 26th, 2018

Small Business Intellectual Property Concerns

The Small Business Development Center at Lehigh University recently hosted Attorney Jack Gross to speak on small business IP concerns. The breakfast seminar, entitled  “Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset”, was held at Lehigh University’s Iaccoca Hall and attracted attendees from a wide variety of industries including retail, publishing, distribution, media, and more.

The presentation provided attendees with tips on utilizing trademarks, trade dress, and copyrights to protect their assets, including appropriate usage for each. Jack also discussed how small business owners and their employees can help prevent misappropriation and infringement of not only their own IP assets, but those not owned by the company. Many small businesses contract with vendors who provide a wide range of services including website design, graphic/logo design, photographers, copywriters and more. Jack impressed upon the group how important it is to have well-written contracts in place with third-party vendors to ensure they are assigned ownership of their IP.

Jack also provided the small business owners with information on data security and the important steps they should take to protect their businesses as well as their customers and employees. He highlighted the dangers of phishing attempts and the damaging repercussions a data breach can have on a small business.

Lehigh University’s Small Business Development Center provides education and training to entrepreneurs and small business owners with the goal of helping them grow their success and reach their goals.

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