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Providing banks and financial institutions with comprehensive legal representation in diverse financial matters
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Banking Matters

Banking and Finance Attorneys

The legal elements associated with banking and finance are complex and not always easy to understand. Building relationships with a banking/ finance attorney benefits you and your company.

Our team of attorneys specializes in banking matters, bringing experience and resources to achieve the best possible results. We give you:

  • The personal attention you expect
  • A clear explanation of all options to help you make informed decisions
  • The time you need to speak with us

As your partner, we’re committed to looking out not only for your immediate needs but also for your long-term interests.


We understand the complexity associated with bankruptcy proceedings and provide solutions to protect creditors’ rights. Our attorneys guide our creditor clients through Chapter 11, Chapter 7, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. Clients also rely on our advice to navigate receiverships, claim allowance proceedings, and other areas of bankruptcy litigation.

If someone’s breached a contract or owes you money, or you’ve suffered damage because of negligence or greed, you do have options. But what happens when a judge rules in your favor — and the opposing party ignores it and refuses to pay?

Judgments offer you a powerful tool to recover financial damages. Working with a collection attorney removes the pressure from you, with positive results.

Complex financial transactions always benefit from a second pair (or more!) of eyes. When you need help negotiating, structuring, documenting, and executing lending-related documentation, you want an expert protecting your best interests.

Our lawyers offer expertise in multi-tier financing transactions and commercial loans secured by business assets and industrial or commercial real estate. You’ll benefit from counsel we provide on transactions that include:

  • Real estate acquisition
  • Development financing
  • Construction loans
  • Working capital financing
  • Asset-based lending
  • Zoning and land use

Forbearance agreements offer short-term relief for borrowers when lenders agree to suspend or reduce payments for a specific period. But complex workout agreements sometimes include many players, like financial institutions, commercial borrowers, banks, and real estate developers. All those stakeholders have the potential to create a really complicated situation. And there’s a lot of fine print involved, too.

Our lawyers bring experience navigating every element of a loan workout situation, including refinancing, loan modifications, negotiations, and litigation. We assist with:

  • Workouts and recovery
  • Debt collection
  • Lending disputes

The process to properly execute a foreclosure is complex, and errors can cause expensive delays that affect operations and create challenges. Our skilled and experienced foreclosure attorneys offer comprehensive representation that complies with foreclosure process timelines and aligns with client and industry regulations.

Guaranties and suretyships reduce the risk of default. They’re quite common in creditor-debtor transactions because they provide security for creditors by promising to pay for third-party debt. Adding to their complex nature is the fact that each state treats these agreements differently. Talk to one of our business attorneys, who can clearly explain your guarantor agreement or offer advice about whether to become a guarantor.

You’ve decided to buy a home directly from the owner, without a real estate agent involved. But the DIY approach to securing a mortgage might not make the most financial sense, especially if it is owner financed or an all-cash sale.

Our mortgage lawyers are well-versed in the laws associated with home transactions. They will ensure a smooth real estate transaction that includes:

  • Filing paperwork
  • Contract reviews
  • Title search and recording
  • Draft agreements for the mortgage payment process

Promissory notes provide written documentation of a financial loan to a friend or family member. They’re often used for business transactions like a real estate purchase. These documents are a contract that indicate the borrower promises to pay back at a future date the money they borrowed.

The law requires these notes to contain certain information to be legal and binding. Our lawyers can review promissory notes to verify their enforceability. If the timeframe for repayment has passed, our lawyers can also assist with legal action if you need to sue to collect the outstanding debt.

The Small Business Association (SBA) issues SBA loans to smaller businesses and enterprises. Because the organization offers several different loan options, like the SBA 7(a), CDC/504, and Microloan programs, talking to one of our attorneys to see which meets your needs makes good financial sense. Our SBA attorneys will:

  • Keep you updated on small business lending policy updates, new regulations, and SBA law and regulation changes
  • Ensure your compliance with current SBA lending policies
  • Help you navigate the complexities of SBA law and government regulations
  • Handle issues associated with SBA guaranty repayment, repair, or denial

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a set of regulations designed to make state to state commerce easier. While the code is standard, individual state filing requirements differ. In general, the code covers consensual agreements between parties. UCC forms, critical for many financial processes, include many nuances. And if you need to file, you bear the burden to submit accurate, complete files. Even simple errors like an extra space can cause issues.

Our lawyers understand all the complexities of the Uniform Commercial Code. We work with you to deliver the most accurate UCC filing.

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