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Intellectual property (IP) rights protect those who create. These rights encourage people (and companies) to develop technology, art, inventions, and other innovations that increase economic growth.

IP doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our attorneys understand the deep legal issues — cross-border, data collection, privacy, regulatory, social media, transactions — that accompany IP. We’re ready to provide transactional, litigation, or dispute resolution assistance, as well as guidance on:

  • Enforcement of rights
  • Infringement issues
  • IP business transactions
  • Restraint of trade and unfair competition
  • Trademarks, patents, and copyrights


For many businesses and startups, their most valuable asset is intellectual property. An outside party that infringes on IP can cause immeasurable damage. Our IP attorneys determine what legal actions you need to maintain your IP rights.

IP enforcement’s first step includes having your attorney send a cease and desist letter. If the party ignores the request, you may need to bring the matter to court.

With our attorneys, you won’t fly solo. We’ll advise you on the claims you have and the forum in which to make those claims.

Intellectual property holds substantial value. Someone who copies or otherwise uses your work without your permission has committed an IP infringement. Our IP attorneys can help you determine and evaluate your best legal options which may include:

  • Payment of damages to the IP owner
  • Court-imposed damages to punish the infringing party
  • An order that requires the infringing party to stop using/ selling the protected IP
  • A court order to destroy protected material (like a customer list that the infringing party was using)

Our attorneys can confirm IP strategies and support transactions for companies. We offer decades of experience managing operations, structures, or transactions where proprietary, IP assets — brand, content, data, media, methodology, or technology — are critical for our clients to achieve their goals. IP business transactions that we handle include:

  • Corporate and transactional IP matters
  • I-CANN proceedings
  • Internet and domain name issues
  • Licensing

Markets and industries generally benefit from healthy competition. But when a business or individual crosses the line, certain activities can cause harm. Restraint of trade involves activities or actions that prevent other parties from doing business as usual. Examples include:

  • Price fixing
  • Using coercion to stop competition
  • Conspiring with a third party to create a monopoly
  • Interfering with a business relationship or contact
  • Using unreasonable restrictions in an employment contract clause to prevent someone from conducting business elsewhere

Our attorneys focus on representing your best business interests, including seeking protections of trade secrets, confidential information, or other intellectual property.

Trademarks are distinctive designs that give consumers instant identification of a product or service. Copyrights protect tangible creations, like artwork, music, or literature. Patents prevent people (or companies) from creating, selling, or using an invention without permission. Patent categories include utility, design, and plant.

We work with a wide range of clients that includes large corporations, small businesses, authors, publishers, photographers, non-profits, and educational institutions.

We’ll take care of everything from trademark or copyright searches and registration, to enforcing rights, licensing, registration, assignment, transfer, protection, and trade dress. We advise on legally appropriate trademark usage and resolve issues of fair trade use related to trademarks and copyrights.

Should a matter require litigation, our experienced team of litigators collaborate with our IP team to enforce and protect IP entities, too.

Sometimes, litigation becomes the only option to enforce an IP issue. We have experience litigating matters related to the Lanham Act, which covers unfair competition, anti-cybersquatting, and other issues. We’ve handled matters where a company or entity used IP as collateral. One major insurance carrier approved and recommended our team to provide copyright and trademark claims defense in Pennsylvania.

We will determine and advise on the most effective methods to establish and develop IP holdings and protect IP rights, so you receive the most value from those assets.

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