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Federal Defense Attorneys in Pennsylvania

If you’ve been charged with a crime on the federal level, it’s crucial to have an experienced federal defense lawyer in your corner. At Gross McGinley, LLP, our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience practicing in federal courts in Pennsylvania. Our team knows how to build robust defenses and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for criminal defense clients in Pennsylvania.

What to know about federal criminal defense:

What is a federal crime?

Which types of federal cases do your criminal defense attorneys handle?

What’s the difference between federal and state charges?

When is it a good idea to accept a plea deal?

How can the federal defense lawyers at Gross McGinley, LLP, help with my case?      

What Constitutes a Federal Crime?

Whether you face federal charges will depend on the law that was allegedly violated and other factors. Defendants may be charged federally if they:

  • Break a federal statute
  • A crime was committed on federal property
  • The crime crossed state borders, including online
  • Federal law enforcement investigated the crime
  • Your arrest occurred in connection with information reported by a federal informant

When a defendant could be charged with a crime at both state and federal levels, charges may be brought simultaneously. Federal charges typically carry harsher sentences. Our defense lawyers are well-versed in federal criminal law. We aggressively pursue all legal avenues to have charges reduced or dismissed.     

Types of Federal Crimes We Handle

Our skilled defense attorneys handle a wide range of cases involving federal charges, including:

  • White collar crimes – Fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, forgery, identity theft, securities violations, bribery, and embezzlement are just a few examples of federal white collar cases we handle.
  • RICO charges — When someone in connection with an enterprise engages in a pattern of racketeering activity such as bribery, witness intimidation, money laundering, or extortion, RICO charges may be brought against them.
  • Federal theft crimes – Someone who commits crimes such as misuse of state funds, theft of property during interstate commerce, theft of public property, and theft offenses committed on Native American tribal land can face federal charges and harsh penalties.
  • Drug crimes Drug offenses such as distribution of a controlled substance and drug trafficking or manufacturing may be charged on both state and federal levels
  • Sex crimes – Human trafficking, possession or distribution of child pornography, interstate solicitation of a minor, and other sex crimes that cross state lines are very serious charges.
  • Violent crimes – Aggravated assault, murder, federal hate crimes, terrorism, armed robbery, and other violent crimes may also be charged on a federal level.
  • Weapons offenses – Being convicted of the illegal possession, sale, or distribution of firearms can result in lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines.
  • Copyright infringement – Charges involving theft of intellectual property or copyright infringement can come with costly consequences and hurt your reputation.

Our federal defense lawyers understand the nuances often involved in these types of cases. We collaborate and share our diverse skills and knowledge to build creative, effective defense strategies for our clients. If you need assistance with an appeal, our criminal defense lawyers can help you understand your rights and guide you through the complex federal appeals process.         

Federal Charges vs. State Charges: What’s the Difference?

Although any criminal charges should be considered serious, federal crimes are more challenging to defend and come with the harshest penalties. There are also significant differences between how federal and state courts operate.

The rules of evidence in the federal court system differ from the rules of evidence in Pennsylvania. In addition, procedural differences can impact how long a case will take.

Federal agencies also have unlimited resources at their fingertips. Law enforcement and prosecutors have the manpower, time, and money to gather a substantial amount of evidence and build strong cases. State and local prosecutors often have heavy caseloads and limited budgets. Federal prosecutors rarely bring cases if they are not confident that they’ll secure a conviction or plea.

At Gross McGinley, LLP, our federal defense lawyers have the resources, wherewithal, and legal acumen to go up against federal prosecutors and build strong cases. From forensic accountants to crime scene reconstructionists, our law firm works with some of the best authoritative experts in the country.     

Should I Accept a Plea Deal?

In both the state and federal court systems, most criminal cases are resolved with a plea bargain. Although agreeing to plead guilty saves the time and expense of a lengthy trial, it often puts expediency above innocence.

Your federal defense attorney will never advise you to accept a plea bargain that isn’t in your best interest. If you’re interested in offering a plea, we negotiate determinedly on your behalf and aggressively represent your interests in the courtroom if your case goes to trial.

Why Choose Our Federal Defense Attorneys?

To provide effective legal representation in a federal trial, a criminal defense attorney must have extensive knowledge of court procedures and federal criminal law. Experience dealing with federal law enforcement and other agencies is also needed to effectively communicate and cooperate with the government and build a solid defense. Our seasoned federal defense lawyers possess these skills, experience, and more.

If you suspect you are under investigation by the federal government or have already been charged with a crime, it’s crucial to seek competent, knowledgeable legal counsel right away. Our team promptly begins investigating your case and developing a robust defense strategy.

At Gross McGinley, LLP, our defense attorneys understand that anyone can get caught up in a difficult situation and face federal criminal charges. Our clients-first philosophy, dedication to collaboration and teamwork, and commitment to serving clients with compassion, integrity, and respect have helped us build a solid reputation with our clients and the Pennsylvania legal community.

Contact a Federal Defense Lawyer in Pennsylvania

For more than 40 years, Gross McGinley, LLP, has provided forward-thinking legal representation and services to a wide range of clients in Pennsylvania. If you or a loved one is under federal investigation or facing charges, contact us or call us at 610-820-5450 to schedule a consultation with a federal defense attorney.

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