Parole/Probation Violations

Advocating for those accused of technical violations

Parole and probation violations refer to suspected illegal actions by someone under supervision of the legal system.

An alternative to incarceration, probation allows people to serve their sentence in the community. They agree and promise to abide by specific agency rules, like calling to check in daily or not leaving their county without permission, just to name a few.

People on parole have fulfilled part—but not all—of their sentence. They have been released from custody, but they must still follow specific agency rules. Those rules might include regular check-ins with your parole officer, reporting for mandatory drug or alcohol test, or failure to follow a curfew. An alternative to continued incarceration, parolees remain under correctional supervision until they have completed their sentence.

The correctional agency can arrest and charge with a technical violation people who fail to meet any supervisory condition of their probation or parole.

Technical violations are not convictions of a new crime. These violations indicate a probationer’s or parolee’s non-compliance with one or more conditions of their probation/parole. However, getting arrested for a new crime can also constitute a technical violation.

Why Choose Us?

Our criminal defense attorneys have defended many people charged with probation and parole violations. Sometimes, case agents hold people they supervise to unrealistic and higher than ordered release terms. For example, if you hold a medical marijuana permit card and are found in possession or your marijuana drug test is positive, your case agent may charge you with a technical violation. We can also file an appeal on your behalf if you believe the court has ruled incorrectly about a parole or probation violation.

Probation and parole violations can have severe consequences. If you’ve been accused of violating either, you need an experienced, skilled defense attorney advocating for you. We will work diligently to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome

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