August 22nd, 2023

The Premiere Criminal Defense Team of Gross McGinley

The highly skilled and proficient Criminal Defense Lawyers of Gross McGinley are the premiere team of dedicated professionals serving clients throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. The team brings a wealth of knowledge and combined decades of experience to each criminal defense matter they handle. From county to federal criminal defense, they pride themselves on protecting and preserving the rights of all their clients. They work to ensure their clients understand their criminal charges, investigative and prosecution processes, and the potential consequences. The team regularly counsels their clients in matters of Assault, Drug Offenses, DUI/Underage Drinking, Theft, Traffic Citations, White Collar Crimes, Expungement, Pardons, Parole, and Probation at county, state, and federal levels.

Attorney Sarah Hart-Charette leads this team of talented lawyers: Philip D. Lauer, Constance K. Nelson, Michael J. Blum, Robert M. Campbell, Sara A. Moyer, and Eric A. Harakal. Each are residents in and around Lehigh Valley, and they dedicate themselves to the communities in which they live, work, and play. They understand the courts of Lehigh, Northampton, and surrounding counties, always providing top-notch service to each of their clients with the utmost respect and service. As former Assistant District Attorneys for Berks, Bucks, and Lebanon Counties, Deputy Public Defender for Lehigh County, and Chief Prosecutor in the White-Collar Crimes Unit in Northampton County, these lawyers know their way around the system.

Gross McGinley’s committed legal team brings a wealth of experience and they know that everyone makes mistakes. A team of dedicated and innovative professionals are here to guide you.

The content found in this resource is for informational reference use only and is not considered legal advice. Laws at all levels of government change frequently and the information found here may be or become outdated. It is recommended to consult your attorney for the most up-to-date information regarding current laws and legal matters.