January 29th, 2021

Employing Your Business’ COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, Business Services Group Attorneys Tom Reilly and Loren Speziale joined Dr. Kevin Vrablik of Lehigh Valley Health  Network (LVHN) and Lora Bastin of Populytics for a free webinar “Employing Your Business’ COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy.” The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted the event. As Pennsylvania and all states across the U.S. announce and roll out their vaccination strategies, employers and business owners have many questions as they seek to protect their workplaces, employees, and communities.

Health care perspective about the COVID-19 vaccination

Kicking off the event, Dr. Vrablik shared an update on global pandemic data, the current state of the Lehigh Valley, and the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine. Following his presentation, Lora Bastin provided details about the state and health network’s vaccine rollout, with several resources about how to register for receiving your shots and determine when you and your business or industry are eligible.

Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the vaccination and what to anticipate as they communicate with their employees and educate them.

Legal perspective about the COVID-19 vaccination

From an employment law standpoint, Attorney Loren Speziale discussed COVID-19 vaccination mandates and incentives, what is and is not permissible based on current laws and government guidance. Additionally, she highlighted employee accommodations and exemptions, as well as consequences employers and employees may face based on their actions.

Addressing on-site vaccinations for employees or the public, Attorney Tom Reilly informed attendees about this developing topic and the limited guidance available. In short, any site considered for on-site vaccine administration would need to find a medical partner to accomplish this and consider liability issues. Furthermore, he encouraged businesses and employers to be patient and stay tuned to forthcoming guidance from the PA Department of Health and partners like LVHN.

Questions and answers

During the presentations, employers and business owners submitted their COVID-19 vaccination medical and legal questions. Presenters answered them at the end of the event. To watch the webinar, simply click on the image below:

Special thanks to Lehigh Valley Live and WFMZ for providing news coverage for this event!

The content found in this resource is for informational reference use only and is not considered legal advice. Laws at all levels of government change frequently and the information found here may be or become outdated. It is recommended to consult your attorney for the most up-to-date information regarding current laws and legal matters.