October 18th, 2017

Gross McGinley’s Litigation Group Presents to Northampton County Bar Association

Our Litigation Group recently presented a Continuing Legal Education course entitled “Courtroom Practice and Procedure in Northampton County” to the Northampton County Bar Association. Local courts tend to differ in their courtroom procedures, with certain nuances that can be only be learned over time and with consistent practice. Attorneys Adrian Cousens, Constance Nelson, Samuel Cohen and Ryan Stauffer worked alongside Judge Jennifer R. Sletvold to provide practical-based instruction on addressing the court, jury, witnesses, handling and introducing evidence in Northampton County. Held in Judge Sletvold’s courtroom at the Northampton County Courthouse, the seminar also covered the use of technology in Samuel Cohen presenting CLEpresenting evidence to the court/jury. While the session was originally advertised for young attorneys see first-hand the proper courtroom practice preferred in the County, many more seasoned attorneys attended for a refresher course and had the opportunity to ask the Judge specific questions on specific preferences of the local bench.

Adrian Cousens is a seasoned litigator and serves as Chair of Gross McGinley’s Litigation Group. His main areas of practice include insurance defense, employment litigation, and other general litigation matters.

Samuel Cohen is a litigation partner at the firm, representing businesses in a wide variety of commercial litigation matters.

As a former prosecutor in Northampton County, Constance Nelson is a great asset to the litigation team, representing individuals in criminal matters as well as representing families in divorce and custody matters.

Ryan Stauffer is an associate in the firm’s litigation group, providing support in commercial, insurance defense, and employment litigation matters.

The content found in this resource is for informational reference use only and is not considered legal advice. Laws at all levels of government change frequently and the information found here may be or become outdated. It is recommended to consult your attorney for the most up-to-date information regarding current laws and legal matters.