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The size of a company — whether large, small or a start-up — doesn’t matter when it’s time to tackle business legal matters. Our attorneys bring a broad array of experience to help you navigate critical business matters including those you handle on a daily basis.

Whether you’ve got a quick question or need more detailed guidance, you can call on us for advice, suggestions, and recommendations.


Even when both parties have good intentions, business disputes can happen when two parties disagree over contract terms that bind them both. You’ll want to work with an attorney who’s got your best interest in mind. We’re well equipped to assist with:

  • Contract disputes between companies and business partners, contractors, purchasers, or suppliers
  • Disputes between companies and customers over service and product quality or delivery
  • Employment claims associated with hiring, promoting, or termination policies

Our team will work with you to create sound policies and procedures that govern daily operations, transactions, and interactions. These policies can reduce the likelihood of a business dispute. But we’ve got your back if you can’t prevent a dispute and require help with an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) clause, arbitration, or mediation.

Companies dissolve for many reasons: a change in career, bankruptcy, death of an owner, or retirement. If it’s time to close your business, you must file articles of dissolution with the state. Sole proprietorships have a pretty straightforward dissolution. For corporations with multiple stakeholders the process becomes more complex. Our experienced business attorneys can help with:

  • Filing with the state
  • Addressing liabilities
  • Protecting assets

Entities rely on corporate resolutions to identify the corporate officers legally responsible for signing contracts, selling/ leasing real estate, making transfers or assignments. These corporate resolutions allow corporations to make important, legally binding decisions. Issues that require a paper trail of documentation — via corporate minutes or resolutions — include:

  • Authorizing loans or lines of credit
  • Issuing stock to new or existing shareholders
  • Purchasing property or approving a lease
  • Adopting stock options or retirement plans
  • Changing insurance or fringe benefit plans
  • Maintaining a record of shareholder/ director meetings

Because corporate resolutions drive decision-making — and help corporations comply with bylaws, articles of incorporation, and other regulations — it makes good sense to have a lawyer review them. We can ensure the documents’ accuracy and completion while making adjustments to accommodate your corporation’s specific needs.

Regardless of an entity’s size, type, or developmental stage, we take care of all vital corporate transactions and day-to-day business matters.

We leverage our extensive business law experience to address all corporate matters — regardless of their complexity or simplicity. Our team focuses on practical solutions, cost efficiency, and liability minimization and prevention.

Our lawyers represent struggling corporations, creditors, boards of directors, management, owners, investors, and lenders facing in- or out-of-court corporate restructuring transactions. We’ll work with you to evaluate and plan the best approach so you can minimize costs and position your corporation for future success.

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