Collection/Judgment Enforcement

Enforcing and collecting on judgments won through arbitration and litigation
Gross McGinley Allentown PA Collection and Judgement Attorneys

Collection and Judgment Enforcement

Asset Recovery

We have a range of legal tools at our disposal to help clients collect when they’ve obtained a Judgment. Those tools include:

  • Bank levies, which permit creditors to freeze bank accounts and collect payments on the Judgment amount
  • Depositions, which we can conduct via interview to identify their assets’ locations
  • Liens, which we can place on the debtor’s real or personal property
  • Pursuit of fraudulent transfers, should the debtor attempt to hide assets by transferring them to a third party
  • Seizures and writs of execution, where we work with the local sheriff to seize the debtor’s property or assets to satisfy the judgment account
  • Wage garnishments, which send a percentage of a debtor’s paycheck to the creditor until the awarded amount has been paid off

Other Judgment Enforcement Options

Sometimes, traditional legal strategies fail to collect awarded Judgments. Our litigation attorneys can recommend other avenues to recover debts. We may recommend creating a forbearance agreement, which requires the Judgment debtor to execute a new promissory note and provide collateral and a personal guarantee of repayment.

Our team of dedicated collection and judgment enforcement attorneys takes pride in its thoroughness and diligence. We’ll work hard to establish your compliance with deadlines and procedures so you can recover the outstanding debt owed to your business.

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