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The laws associated with rental properties should be simple and straightforward, but oftentimes, they’re not. Knowing and understanding your rights as a tenant or landlord can sometimes require the help of an attorney.

Because we represent both landlords and tenants, we bring a deep, comprehensive view of a range of housing issues. We understand disputes from both sides — and whatever your need, we’ll advocate to protect your rights. When possible, we’ll strategize to solve problems outside of court.

For Tenants

The law offers certain protections for tenants, but many renters don’t know a lot about their rights. Our attorneys can demystify the law, and if you find yourself renting from a landlord whom you think has broken one or more terms of your renter’s agreement, we can help. For example, we can answer questions about:

  • Deposits – the amount you can expect to pay, how your landlord can use them, and when you can expect its return once you’ve chosen not to renew your lease
  • Discrimination – the difference between a good business decision for the landlord versus something illegal
  • Evictions – when your landlord has justification to break the contract and ask you to leave — and when it isn’t
  • Privacy – appropriate (and inappropriate) situations where your landlord can legally enter your residence
  • Repairs – items for which your landlord should assume responsibility versus repairs that fall to you to address

For Commercial Tenants

Because commercial leases tend to favor landlords, you should carefully consider all the provisions before you sign one. Our team will review leases with you by examining the fine print and explaining the legal terminology and the impact on you and your business of specific conditions. Our knowledge allows to help you protect your best interests. If necessary, we’ll represent you if you have a dispute about a lease or lease provision.

For Landlords

When you’re faced with a tenant who has failed to pay rent or breached a condition of their lease and need to take stronger measures, our attorneys can help. The eviction process involves multiple steps. If you fail to follow proper procedure, you run the risk of your own legal issues. We’ll educate you about the laws surrounding discrimination, deposits, evictions, and privacy.

Our attorneys offer guidance and advice on how to recover rent, settle security deposit disputes, or collect judgments for property damage or rent payment. If you need to evict a tenant, we will walk you through those procedures to get the solution you want.

Landlord and Tenant Matters Team

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